5 Ways to Make Pokémon GO Work for Your Business

5 Ways to Make Pokémon GO Work for Your Business

Pokémon has taken the US by storm. Want to leverage this craze and drive traffic to your business? Here are 5 simple tips.

  1. Download Pokémon GO and find Pokémon near your business.

  2. If you find a Pokémon, take a screen shot of it and spread the news on social media!

  3.  Find Pokéstops near your business – then give people a discount who come to them.

  4. If your business is near a Pokéstop, buy lures and use them. Spread the news on social media about when and how long you plan to use these lures.

  5. Offer awards for Pokémon gym leaders.

Don’t know what any of that really means? Don’t worry, we’ve created a detailed tutorial.


If you’re lucky, you might have these pokemon monster inside or outside of your business! Although some Pokémon (Eevee or Magikarp) may be more popular than others (Rattata or Pidgey), it will still engage users to at least stop by and get some experience points.

Using social media has been a great way to stay relevant in all this Pokémon hype and target the users participating in the app. Take a look at what The Social Room has done.

pokemongo social room

You can easily do something similar to this with your business. Although the Pokémon is important to get into the photo; make sure that the background of the photo is relevant to your business so viewers know exactly where to find this Pokémon (and you). Here’s an example photo at Harpo’s I took that you can easily do for your own business.

Harpoes Pokemon

Using a background a user can recognize while hunting, such as the sign at Harpo’s, allows users to know where exactly to find the Pokémon and your business when walking in the nearby area.

Aside from simply posting about a Pokémon being outside your business, you can also do a promotion. For example, a $1 off a drink for catching the Pokémon could be a great advertisement to persuade Pokémon trainers to come into your business and stay a little longer.


Another great tool from Pokémon Go is the Pokéstops. Pokéstops are the blue square-shaped figures on the map that lets users pick up supplies such as Pokéballs or potions needed for their adventure. Once the user is close enough to access the Pokéstop, the square turns into a circle with a Pokéball-like figure in the middle.

The best part about Pokéstops is that trainers have to stop by these every once in a while to restock their supplies. To access the Pokéstops, users must click on the symbol and this will show:

The Pokéstop, like the one at Main Squeeze Natural Foods Café, features the main logo or building of the Pokéstop, its name, and a short excerpt. This would be another great thing to blast on your social media pages for trainers to come to your business. Once trainers use the Pokéstop though, it takes 5 minutes until they can use it again. The trick to using these Pokéstop to your advantage is to occupy users long enough during the 5-minute wait period. This can be done by providing a discount to those who ‘check in’ at your Pokéstop or a contest to see who has the best Pokéstop.

Additionally, these aren’t as prevalent as Pokéstops or as easy as lures. Pokéstops are already set up locations that are usually churches, national landmarks, and museums although Niantic will later allow businesses and locations to sign up to become a Pokéstop. Keep a look out for Pokemon GO updates.


One of the ways to literally get people to walk into your business is by using lures. Lures attract Pokémon monsters to your location for 30 minutes, but only can be used on existing Pokéstops. Although this is a short time, Pokémon and people will come. Purchasing a lure is really simple. After setting up your character, click on the poke ball, then click shop. Scroll down and tap the purple, square-shaped lures and purchase as many as you would like.


To active a lure, click on the Pokéstop, then click on the white space under the description, then tap your lure. It will activate immediately! To check if your lure is activated, you will see decorative pink leaves floating around your selected Pokéstop. Here’s an example of a lure-activated Pokéstop:


Using lures is a great way to attract people in the nearby area to literally come inside your business, especially since they’re more than likely going to be there for the entire 30 minutes. Make sure to share your lure-activated Pokéstop nearby or at your business on social media for all Pokéstop GO trainers to find!

The Cost


A lure costs 100 Pokécoins, which is $.99. If you want to buy more than one lure, you can buy 8 lures for 680 Pokécoins. The purchases will be done through the App store’s payment system, just like any other in-app purchase.


Lastly, a pokégym is where users are able to battle their Pokésmon against competing teams. If you’re located near a pokégym, you’re in luck! These are less common than pokéstops but people frequently stop by these locations daily to claim the title of a gym leader.

An easy way to attract people to your business while on their way to battle, or battling, is to possibly give out an ‘award’ to the team or user who are the pokégym leaders. You could do something like display support whatever team (red, Yellow, or Blue) has control over the gym. You can see who has control over the gym in your gym map and the color of the gym symbol, like so:

Blue                                         Yellow                                        Red

blue pokegymyellow pokegymred REDgym









Another ‘award’ you can give is for the Pokémon leaders. The number of gym leaders depends on the level of the gym. Usually, there is 1-5 leaders per gym and can be shown when you click on the gym logo on the map. It’ll show up their username and their Pokémon. These awards could be as simple as tweeting ‘congrats’ to the gym leader with a screenshot of the Pokémon trainer and it’s Pokémon or offering some sort of prize.




It’s your time to become the very best

With all these instructions, go out and try it on your business! Pokemon GO has been a trending topic on social media, so be sure to participate with popular hashtags like #PokemonGO or #Pokemon. It may be intimidating, but the internet has answers for any and all questions you may have along the way. Here’re a few resources that may be helpful for you.

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