State of the YAYA Takeaways

State of the YAYA Takeaways

It’s no secret – if you want to successfully market your business to a specific target population, you have to understand the behavior of that target. Businesses constantly fight for the attention of consumers. If your product or service isn’t appealing to the right audience, you’re already losing.

The Youth and Young Adult market (YAYA) is one of the hardest to understand. Perhaps brands want to connect with this market the most. Nearly 31 million people in the USA are between the ages of 18-24. This market is important because these customers demonstrate high brand loyalty. Young adults also have heavy influence on global trends.

Every year, MOJO Ad, a student-staffed advertising agency at the Missouri School of Journalism, presents an in-depth report on the current lifestyles and habits of the YAYA market and how you can develop a positive relationship with them. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from the 2017 presentation – applicable to your business whether you target the YAYA market or not.

The Future is Digital           


Nearly 90 percent of the YAYA market owns a smartphone, and they use it for, well, just about everything. Google and YouTube provide the perfect outlets for teaching young adults new tasks, and social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are becoming primary news sources for YAYA.

MOJO Ad says it’s important to note that YAYA users have a short attention span and demonstrate “hypersensitivity” to anything considered fake or over the top. From this, marketers can take away that a digital message has to be quick, while also connecting the consumer to real emotional and physical benefits your brand can provide.

The Young Adult Market Loves Opinions


Because of social media, YAYA consumers are surrounded by a world of differing opinions. Less than a third of YAYA consumers are loyal to one news source, and most prefer to get their news from social media sources where news becomes an open marketplace of ideas.

Consider leveraging the power of social media in your favor by creating brand-specific featured stories or using social media influencers like Snapchat’s “Live Story” feature.

YAYA Doesn’t Sleep


The YAYA market is busy with no time to waste. Because of this, less than half of YAYA consumers say they don’t get enough sleep – a sacrifice they are willing to make if it means balancing a heavy workload.

Additionally, YAYA consumers keep their phone with them in bed so they can check their social media accounts before going to sleep and right when they wake up.

So what’s the takeaway for marketers? You can target the YAYA demographic at any time, day or night. Content posted strategically at odd hours may seem a little strange, but your target may be online at a time of day neither you nor your competitors are leveraging.

If you want more information on the 2017 State of the YAYA report, click here.