Bristow Beds logo


An inventor and entrepreneur created a unique, patent-pending truck bed lift system called the “Bristow Bed” with potential applications across multiple industries. After initiating the patent process, he began a search for a company to help him produce and market this product.

The client had a logo, photography, video content and several pages of notes, testimonials, product descriptions, history of the project, and more. He needed that information transformed into a website that would help him explain his product and find a partner to help him bring the product to market.

CMG Solutions:

  • New semi-custom website
  • Web content audit and structuring


The CMG team members combined their strengths in design, development, web writing, and digital strategy to transform the client’s wealth of disorganized content into a functional, visually impressive website. The website is fully responsive, explains the product well, and includes strategic calls-to-action to make it easy for a potential investor to reach out.

With so much content available and a solid start on a brand identity, CMG was able to fast track this website and launch it within a four-week timeline.

As added value, the CMG team helped the client create a Facebook page where he quickly grew an engaged audience by sharing pages and videos from his new website.

Bristow Beds Website