Marketer’s Guide to Generation Names by Birth Year

Marketer’s Guide to Generation Names by Birth Year

I never attend a new client meeting or prepare a proposal without doing my homework. Who is the target audience? What is their lifestyle like? How do they consume information, and on what devices? What would we anticipate their buying journey to be for this particular product or service?

A tip for this kind of research – you need to have your generation names down pat. Most of the good marketing and consumer studies refer to age demographics by generation name. Here’s a quick guide:

Quick Guide to Generation Names by Year of Birth

GI Generation: Born 1901 – 1926
Mature/Silents: Born 1927 – 1945
Baby Boomers: Born 1945 – 1964
Generation X: Born 1965 – 1980
Generation Y (Millennials): Born 1981 – 2000
Generation Z (Boomlets): Born after 2001 has a really excellent tutorial about these generations with all kinds of details about beliefs, personality traits, buying habits, and more of each generation. Find that tutorial here.