We Are Creatives

We’re Not Your Conventional Corporate Event Planning Company

The value of a great guest experience is our currency.

Like anyone, we love a good party, so much so that we became really good at throwing them. Our passion has always been sharing our community’s stories, and the event planning facet of our business is another avenue in which we are able to do so.

Events are an exciting way in which you can share your company’s values and goals with the public. Sometimes this is through charitable endeavors, other times through award recognitions of outstanding members of your team or community.

Whatever the case, corporate events are an important way of building interpersonal relationships between both employees and clients. To do so, your event must be memorable. Not only do you need to create an unforgettable experience, but you also need to market and sell the experience. As a full-service marketing agency and local business, we have the experience you need in the full spectrum of corporate event planning.

At CMG, we specialize in corporate events, simply because we have been throwing them for years. We take the time to learn your company’s culture so that your event best reflects your company’s identity.

From mechanical bulls to fireworks to aerial artists, our team is always thinking in terms of the “Hollywood List” – if we can dream it, we will find a way to make it happen.

Remember – we are creatives. Problem solving, thinking on the fly, and inventive solutions are the tools of our trade. Our experience working within every kind of budget has given us the ability to work within our resources and still create an unforgettable experience.

We Do It All So You Don’t Have To

As a local business we are deeply rooted in our community. As we developed CMG, we found that as our client pool grew so did our partners. The relationships we have been fortunate enough to grow have given us the ability to secure the best venue, food and drink, decorations, and lighting in Columbia.

It’s no secret that event planning is a stressful business. It may seem appealing to try to plan your events in-house, yet the time it takes you or your employees to plan, budget, shop, design, set up, and tear down is time spent that they could be working to grow your business.

Hiring event planning companies may also seem like a natural choice when considering your event planning options, however these companies are hired simply to plan and deliver your event.

At CMG, we can deliver a seamless event with the added benefit of marketing. Often, the goal of an event is not just to break-even, but to profit. CMG has the experience to help you market your event in a way that will drive revenue.

With our help, you will arrive at your event without lifting a finger – except to respond to an email!

Corporate Events

Corporate event planning doesn’t have to be the same old boring luncheon or charity event. At CMG, our team has creative solutions to all the marketing and planning needs your corporate event may have.

Experience Events

We live in an experience economy, so throwing a unique event is essential. Whether for business or pleasure, our team has the connections, know-how, and imagination to create events that will wow your guests.

Non-profit Events

Non-profit events are extremely relevant, as the funds raised at these events are directed back into the well-being of our community. At CMG we cherish the opportunity to work with our local non-profits and create elegant and on-budget events that share their story.