Great Company: BTC Culture

Great Company: BTC Culture

At The Business Times Company, culture is our foundation for success. Our culture is our DNA. It is what guides, inspires and motivates our team.

At our very core, we exist to cultivate community.

What does that illustrious alliteration even mean? Our benchmark is building our beloved community based businesses. Our cornerstone is connection. Connecting with the myriad of businesses in our area and then connecting our connections cohesively (It’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds and we have a lot of charts and graphs for reference). The cultivation of that connection is friendly competition. The strength of the business owners in this community serves as the backbone. And as they say, iron sharpens iron.

That connecting cornerstone within the community has produced some unique benefits to me as an employee. In my daily routine I always ask myself, “What does success look like?” Excluding some of the boring details (like font sizes and click thru rate) every day the answer is the same. Success means connection. A deep, sincere and personal connection with these prolific business owners. In the process of learning about their needs and “difference makers” in order to establish an effective advertising campaign I find that I am also learning a lot about entrepreneurship.

It’s just another event to be in a room with former coach Norm Stewart and Mayor Brian Treece, listening to the movers and shakers in our community jest back and forth. Our products allow us to connect people in our community and foster growth. We get to meet the movers and shakers of businesses and the worker bees. From the owners of Lobgoat to the administrative staff at Columbia College, we are here to help people through the utilization of our products and talent. We don’t just write awesome content, take cool pictures, and design pretty graphics – we form partnerships to benefit our community.

At the end of the day, we’re all chasing a dream – whether it’s making a magazine or making beer. The best part about working for BTC is that the opportunities for employees are the same that we put before the community. It’s more than a job, it’s a career. It’s more than a way of making money, it’s a way of making people happy.

When I lay my head down to go to sleep at night, it’s an awesome feeling knowing that we do every day at The Business Times Company matters to Columbia.